It's official, you’ve signed up to the 2024 Reading Half Marathon which means the training begins now!

Here are some of our top tips and things not to forget whilst preparing for the Half Marathon. Plus, an incredible offer from our headline sponsor, Unleashed Performance to help you do just that - unleash YOUR performance!

Go slowly

You want to do most of your runs at a comfortable, conversational pace, and finish each run feeling like you have the energy to run another mile (if you had to).  You do not want to overdo it by running too fast or too many miles.

Listen to your body

Whilst training for a half marathon, you should expect a little muscle soreness that comes with pushing your body further or faster. This is your body adapting to the process you are making - expect to take 1-2 days to recover from hard workouts.  If you experience more than muscle soreness then you are best to visit a specialist.

Recovery is important

Ensure you are recovering correctly between your training sessions – this includes eating, sleeping, stretching and hydrating.

If you need an extra day to recover between runs, then take it!

Not recovering properly can be a recipe for injury, loss of motivation and burnout.

Bring on the hills

Although we dread the word ‘Hills’, hill work is a great training method to develop your stamina but it is also builds both your leg and lungpower.    

Downhill running engages your lower abs and works your quads. If you regularly partake in hills, each session will become easier and you will become stronger.

Plan early for race day

You are going to be nervous… that is normal, do not stress! To keep the butterflies at bay, you can try to focus on race-day logistics. Plan your travel plans, hydration plans, get to the race on time, ensuring you have enough time to drop off your bags, go to the toilet and get to the starting area.

Go Time!

When the gun goes, try to control the urge to run fast right off and start fairly slowly, this conservative pacing will hopefully allow you to finish feeling stronger.

Remember to look around for our friendly pacers who will be more than happy to try to push you to your estimated finish time or you can order a Pace Band when you enter to help you hit your mile goals.


Click on the image below to download the 2024 plan as a PDF.