Cancellation & refund policy

The minute you enter the Reading Half Marathon or Green Park Challenge we start to incur administration costs and banking charges to process your entry and payment. We will also incur charges to administer a cancellation and give you a refund, which is why most races terms and condition are no refunds, including ours.

When you entered our race you accepted the terms and conditions which included a no refund policy. However, we understand that there can be many reasons why you can no longer take part, which could be outside of your control, and like us you may have incurred other costs relating to the race over and above your race entry, where no refunds can be given for cancellation in these circumstances.

Race Entry Refunds

We value your entry and in fairness to anyone who can't take part for whatever reason we will offer a partial refund if you cancel your entry before we start to process your race pack. Due to the volume of race packs, this process is done over three batches, starting early January. Therefore, the date your race pack is processed may not be the same as a friends. To find out if your race pack is being processed please go to your profile to see if your entry has been locked and cannot be amended. If it has not been locked, you can apply for a £15 refund off your Half Marathon entry or £5 off your Green Park Challenge entry by emailing

If your race pack process has been started we will offer you £5 off your entry to the following years Half Marathon if you notify us and return your race bib including chip before race day. This is the same offer you would have received on the day if you'd run the race and must be used by the deadline on your discount confirmation email.

Discounted or free entries cannot automatically be exchanged for a refund or deferred to another year. These will be treated on a individual basis upon receipt of your email.

Refund payments will normally be issued within 14 days of receipt of confirmation, however there may be some delay in busy times close to race day.

In the unlikely event that the organiser has to postpone or cancel the race for whatever reason, the refund policy will be reviewed by the organiser. Following a postponement or cancellation announcement,  runners will be emailed information detailing any options available to them.

Merchandise Refunds

Please note if you apply for a deferral or entry refund and have received any merchandise purchased you will only receive a refund for these items if they are faulty or damaged and you return them unused, in the same condition as they arrived with a written notice of the defect. 

If you apply for a deferral or refund and have not received any merchandise purchased, you will either receive your merchandise in the post, a refund for your merchandise or it will be deferred with your race entry. At the sole discretion of the race organiser, you will be notified when your deferral/refund has been processed.


Unlike many mass participation races we offer a very generous deferral policy if you are injured and cannot take part. If your deferral request is confirmed your race entry to the following year will be FREE of CHARGE.

To find out more complete the Deferral Request Application form on our website.

Deferred entries are non-transferable and once a Deferral has been accepted, are non-refundable. Deferrals can only be deferred to the following year's race and cannot be rolled over to another year. Please note car parking and some other items cannot be deferred, in most cases these are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Transferring to another runner

As your entry is linked to your profile, you are unable to transfer it to another runner. 

We can transfer your entry to another person provided that your race pack has not been processed. In order to do this please email with all of the new runner's information, together with proof of your purchase. 

Please note that this will not be possible once the race pack has been issued and under no circumstances can race bibs be swapped after this stage.


Transfer Policy

Entries cannot automatically be transferred from one Event to another. If you are unable to attend an Event and would like your entry transferred to another please contact the team at with your request. Each request is individual and as such will be assessed on an individual basis.

Duplicate Entries

Duplicate entries made in genuine error will be refunded in full. However, we reserve the right to cancel all duplicate entries without refund if we have reason to believe that duplicate entries have been deliberately made with the intention of re-sale.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund or cancel your entry, including duplicate entries.