24th February 2021 - Reading Half launches its roadmap and four steps to get you to the finish line in November - plus a special 10% off race entry to celebrate.

Monday’s news of a roadmap out of lockdown and the four steps/dates to look forward to (subject to criteria being met) has made that light at the end of the tunnel seems even brighter today. We’re as excited as you are to see you run in November and with that in mind were giving you 10% off this week. We’ve already got our roadmap and here’s our own four steps to get you to the finish line!

👟 Step 1 

Enter – every race or journey starts with a step – so let’s take it! Sign up to any of our races using the special link here and we'll give you 10% off to celebrate - www.readinghalfmarathon.com/discount/ROADMAP21 

This link will automatically add a 10% discount to your entry - Discount available on all race entries except Charity Champion and Guaranteed Fundraiser until Sunday 28th February at 23:59

Already in? Great work, let’s go to step two…


👟 Step 2

Train – 13.1 miles is not to be sniffed at but it is all about those steps. No matter what your ability, your speed or lack of it, build it up gradually and keep at it to get your mind and body race fit for the day. 

Need some help? Check out our training plan here - www.readinghalfmarathon.com/pages/training-advice

 And for nutrition tips on fueling from the beginning of your training all the way through eating for recovery after you cross the finish line check out - www.readinghalfmarathon.com/pages/nutrition 


👟 Step 3

Getting your race pack – it gets real now. Whether you opted to have your race pack delivered to your home or you’ll be collecting it at the Race Village on Friday or Saturday, holding your race number in your hand is a big moment. That’s your number and it’s your ticket to the picturesque start line in Green Park.


👟 Step 4

Finish line – that’s where your goal is and where you’ll smash it. Race Day is the coming together of all of your training and quite rightly, the finish line is a special place to arrive at. Take in the magnificent roar of the Madejski Stadium as you experience an Olympic style finish before your medal awaits.


The coming months are going to be exciting for us all. Take that extra step and join us for a wonderful Race Day in November. So grab your roadmap and run for an experience you’ll never forget! 

Sign up before 23.59 on Sunday 28th February to receive 10% off your race entry at www.readinghalfmarathon.com/discount/ROADMAP21 This link will automatically add a 10% discount to your entry or you can enter via the normal website and insert discount code: ROADMAP21 to your entry.