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The power of Magnesium - what every runner needs

We are delighted to be working with Westlab Salts, our Official Wellness Partner. They really know their stuff when it comes to race prep and recovery. Not all runners are aware of why they need magnesium, so have a read below.

Runners in the Unleashed Performance Reading Half Marathon will be delighted to know there will be Westlab Salts inside their goody bag at the finishing line.

restoring magnesium flakes

What it is: Magnesium Chloride
Purpose: Tops up Magnesium levels prior to exercise to help prevent injury.
When to use: During training and the night before any intense exercise where there's increased risk of injury. Use before bed, because then the body has plenty of time to utilise the Magnesium before it is required to be active.
How to use: Add 1 cupful to the bath or half a cup to a footbath, and relax for at least 20 minutes.

Reviving Epsom Bath Salt

What it is: Magnesium Sulphate
Purpose: Relaxes and revives tired, aching muscles.
When to use: After sports and exercise
How to use: For your regular routine, use 1-2 cupfuls after exercise 2-3 times per week. Relax in the bath for 20 minutes for optimum effects. After a really intense session, such as a half marathon, increase to 3-4 cupfuls. Halve the amount if using a footbath.

White Willow, eucalyptus & arnica

What it is: Magnesium Sulphate + Arnica + Eucalyptus & White Willow
Purpose: Additional Recovery Support.
When to use: When you know you’re going to hurt...
How to use: Add 1 cupful alongside 2-3 cupfuls of Pure Epsom Salt for the ultimate recovery bath after intense exercise. Half the amount if using a footbath.

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why you need magnesium ahead of the Unleashed Performance rEADING half marathon

Magnesium is an essential mineral for runners as it is crucial for muscles to work effectively. It not only keeps the muscles relaxed which helps prevent injury, but it also helps them to recover and repair after exercise.

Unfortunately though, we do not produce Magnesium in the body, and it needs to be constantly replenished. Plus, sweating depletes our Magnesium levels, so the more you train for the big event, the more you are reducing the amount of Magnesium in your body. This is bad timing, as you need to be as replenished up as possible on Race Day.

Our modern diets do not provide us with as much Magnesium as they used to. The soil is depleted so we just don’t get enough from our diet anymore. Magnesium rich foods include nuts, legumes, dark leafy greens, bananas, so do try to eat more of these during the run up to the race.

Another great way to thank your body while doing it good is to have Magnesium baths and foot soaks. A warm bath with Magnesium salts is the perfect way to soothe your muscles while helping replenish and top up your Magnesium levels. You can also add the salts to a footbowl if you don’t have a bath or prefer to just soak it up with some extra attention on your feet.